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Fort for the Day


The idea for ‘Fort for the Day’ came from beginning a season’s work as an Historic Properties Steward (HPS) at English Heritage’s Richmond Castle a few years ago. Along with other new HPSs, in an effort to learn about neighbouring sites, we decided to study one each in depth and teach each other about it the following weekend – “a fort for the day” said I – and so it began. We laughed about the phrase all afternoon. I also said “there’s a book in that” – and, for the time being, here is the website...

I hope you enjoy this as much as we have in preparing it.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Dixe, Grant, Henri, Jess, John, Linda, Pam, Paul, Phil, the teams at Purple Creative Studio and Richmond Library, Robert, Zoe and David, as well as anyone else I've missed...